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paper is composed of Term Papers Parts # 1 & 2 and a completed business plan for a social entrepreneurship venturewith a detailed implementation plan for a proposed strategy complete with metrics. 

you are to present the following in this paper  on your social entrepreneurship project :

  ➢  Contents of Term Paper # 1 ➢  Contents of Term Paper # 2 ➢  Detailed Donor Presentations For Each Type (see attached) ➢  Detailed Fund Raising Tools and How Each is to be Used (see attached) ➢  Website Home Page ➢  Balance Scorecard Illustrating Metric Goals ➢  All of the above is to be  combined, written, and  presented  as  one paper


You may attach exhibits, when appropriate, to illustrate the above.  The written paper will refer to these exhibits as you explain each in the content of your paper.  Include a  citation  page for your text and  the  other sites you use.  


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