PART ONE: DISCUSSION – Sentiment Analysis Applications

PART ONE: DISCUSSION – Sentiment Analysis Applications — Due Sep/3/17

(150 words only)

Sentiment analysis tries to answer the question of what do people feel about a specific topic. For example, in a business setting, sentiment analysis attempts to use textual data sources (tweets, customer feedback, blogs, reviews, etc.) to detect favorable or unfavorable opinions towards products or services.

Please provide specific examples of times when you have engaged in sentiment analysis. Do you think sentiment analysis is valuable? Explain your reasoning

PART TWO: Current Event – Sentiment Analysis Applications

This is a slightly different type of forum. You will create an audio file then upload it for your initial post. You will respond to your classmates in the usual written manner.

Since this is a way to practice verbal reporting to a client or company officer, please offer constructive advice to your classmates on their report along with your comments on their audio post topic.

Research a current event from within the last five years that relates to this week’s topic of Text, Web, and Big Data Analytics. Attach an audio explanation of the current event and specifically how it relates to this week’s topics of Text, Web, and Big Data Analytics.

PART THREE: Written paper – Sentiment Analysis and Process

Write a 1-2 page, APA formatted paper with citations and references, analyzing sentiment analysis. Within your paper, discuss what sentiment analysis is used for and provide examples of popular application. List the steps in the sentiment analysis process and briefly compare the two methods for polarity identification.

PART FOUR: Course Project – Business Report Presentation with Findings and Recommendations

The first of objective of this week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with a business report presentation of your findings.

Use the modified spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 04 for this deliverable.
Your report should visually identify:OutliersSales consultants trending towards noncompliance

Using the Excel spreadsheet as input, create a visual representation of the data. Use the visual representation of the data in a 2-3 slide PowerPoint of your findings.

The second objective of this week’s deliverable is to provide Robert M. Lopez with an executive summary of your findings.

In a 2-3 page paper, APA formatted with references and citations, summarize your findings. Give proof for your analysis. Within your paper, explain the process you did to come up with the findings. Based on the findings, provide business recommendations to Mr. Lopez.…


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