Indiana Wesleyan University CH5 Cultural Sensitivity and Communication Essay

Getting Started

As discussed in Chapter 5 of your textbook, The Social Work Practicum, effective communication skills are necessary for social workers’ professional interactions, both with clients and within organizations. The importance of both written and oral communication skills is reflected in search efforts for social workers at practically every social service agency in every community; effective communication skills are not only vital to practice but also marketable in employment! Practicing awareness and reflection is one important way to build your communication skills. In this activity, you will reflect on Chapter 5 reading through dialogue with your classmates.ResourcesTextbook: The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students

Background Information

Chapter 5 emphasizes the importance of effective communication skills. Table 5.1 is particularly helpful in identifying specific skills and approaches that increase the stages of rapport and engagement, as well as assessment, intervention, and termination dialogue, with clients. Inter- and intra-organizational communication skills also are highlighted, along with communication with diverse client groups.

InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.In your textbook, The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students, read Chapter 5, “Communication.”Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following discussion prompts:How does diversity impact communication between social workers and clients? Explain and give an example. How can you combine the theoretical concept of cultural competency and effective communication skills to build rapport with clients? Be specific in identifying skills and how you can apply them. Cite the textbook or other course materials or other resources to support your ideas.Provide an example of an opportunity you have at your field agency to use at least two communication skills (from Table 5.1) to engage, assess, or intervene with a client or family, and explain when, why and how that skill could be effective.Identify 2 items from table 5.2 in Chapter 5, “Ineffective Interpersonal Communication Skills” that you struggle with and describe what you can do to improve these during your practicum experience.


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