Immigration Then and Now

Essay should be:

1. 5-7 Pages

2. Double Spaced

3. 12-Point Font

4. Include Title Page

5. Include Works Cited Page

Read the article “Immigration Then and Now” By Gwenyth Swain; Cobblestone, May/Jun2013, Vol. 34 Issue 5, p. 13, 4p. 


How do the backgrounds and experiences of the recent immigrants in this article compare to the backgrounds and experiences of European immigrants in the late 19th  and early 20th  centuries?

*** Provide specific examples.


You will need to use the readings from this course

Compare the earlier wave of immigrants to the immigrants of today

Things in common

Not in common

Things left behind

Reasons for leaving

Push & pull factors






Help offered

Settlement patterns



Grading Criteria:

       Original ThoughtSophisticated thought process – Excellent evidence of critical thinking skills. Persuasive analysis of the topic, addressing all parts of the topic; analysis demonstrates thorough understanding of all sides of a question. Outstanding grasp of general historical issues raised by topic. Numerous, effective, relevant, and specific examples. Extremely well organized. Well written in appropriate Standard English; few grammatical errors or colloquialisms. Do not overuse quoted material (20% maximum).


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