health care winterfell

You are working for a large hospital, Winterfell Health Systems, in the American Southwest. Because of the scenic nature of Winterfell’s surrounding area, Winterfell serves many influential patients: politicians, entertainment and sports celebrities, European aristocracy and royalty, and Fortune 500 leaders. Winterfell is also the most convenient facility for detainees of local law enforcement. Recently, US Senator Catelyn Stark was admitted to the ICU for a severe asthma attack. Later that night staff were distressed to find an angry protesting constituent in the ICU (Senator Stark had recently voted in favor of a trade alliance and the constituent did not agree with that vote). Jon Snow, the star forward for the local NBA team, in for a routine examination, experienced an epileptic seizure, which he wants kept private, from both the public and his team. Lady Cersei, a close relative of a former European monarch, broke her leg and received treatment at Winterfell. During her stay her brother came to visit and a nurse walked in on the two in a compromising situation. The following day, a British tabloid newspaper published the story on its front page. Last, the famous animal rights activist and computer genius, Daenerys Targaryen, recently arrested by law enforcement for a cyber intrusion into Bolton Laboratories, was brought into the emergency room after being savagely bitten by a rabid chipmunk that she was playing with in the jail exercise grounds. Based on your reading assignment for the Week, what sort of ethical issues are you facing in terms of healthcare data, both from a privacy perspective and a general cybersecurity perspective? How would you resolve each of the four situations listed above both in the present as well as for the future?


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