Excelsior College Module 5 Population Methods of Appointment Problem

The problem you must solve is:

The Bedrock School District covers 4 towns. There are 12 members of the school board, and the 4 towns have the populations shown in the following table: Population Town A 13,125 Town B 15,000 Town C 20,625 Town D 26,250 1. The school district uses the Hamilton method to apportion its 12 board members to the 4 towns. How many board members are assigned to each town, using this method? 2. The following year, 1,875 people move out of Town A and into Town D. Now, how many board members does each town have? (Be careful. Make sure you assign a total of 12 board members). 3. Compare the results from the 2 years. Do you think they make sense? Are they fair? Why or why not


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