Beihang University Philosophy and Freedom Questions

according to the pdf attached answer any two of the questions with 150+ words each

(1) Does freedom entail the ability to have done otherwise?

(2) What is the difference between positive and negative freedom?

(3) What is republican freedom, and how does it differ from other conceptions of freedom?

(4) What is the harm principle? Does it pose a justified limitation on our freedom?

(5) What is the social contract? Is it binding?

(6) What is Rawls’ conception of a just society? Is it is tenable?

(7) Is political theory inherently patriarchal?

(8) What, if anything, would be wrong in simply saying that anything counts as art so long as this is what was intended by the creator of the artefact in question?

(9) What is the institutional account of art? Describe the dilemma that Wollheim’s poses for this view. Is it effective?

(10) What is the five-part account of aesthetic experience? What, if anything, is problematic about it?

(11) What is the relationship between aesthetic judgement and aesthetic experience?

(12) Can two identical objects differ in their aesthetic properties?

(13) Can one properly form one’s aesthetic judgements via testimony from aesthetic experts?


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